The Auto Union Type A was a team of racecars built in 1934.

In 1933, Ferdinand Porsche developed a Grand Prix racing car on behalf of Auto Union AG of Chemnitz. Its special feature was the engine position, being mounted directly behind the driver (mid-mounted engine). In March 1933, the newly created Auto Union Racing department in the Horch factory in Zwickau started work on the new car. The cars were fitted with a 4358cc V16 engine that was fitted with a Roots supercharger. This engine was able to produced 295hp at 4500rpm giving the Type A a top speed of 280 km/h.

Just one year later, Hans Stuck set three world records on the AVUS circuit in Berlin, driving the car at speeds in excess of 265 km/h. The first race was held on 26 May 1934 at the AVUS race in Berlin.