Bugatti Type 40,

Bugatti Type 40, by Wouter Melissen -

The Type 40, was introduced in 1926 and produced through 1930, to replace the Brescia Bugatti, and was a combination of parts of different cars on a new chassis.

It used the 3-valve 1.5 L (1496 cc/91 in³) engine first used in some Type 37s, and modified as were the brakes. The gearbox and drivetrain were derived from the Type 38.

It was an enclosed tourer or (as the Type 40A) a small roadster. About 830 were built.

The Type 40A shared its block with the Type 40 and displaced 1.6 L (1627 cc/99 in³). All 40 Type 40As were built in 1930.

The Type 40 was the last of small Bugatti road cars.

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