The Fairthorpe TX-S and Fairthrope TX-SS are two very similar two-seater cars that were built between 1969 and 1976.

The TX-S was fitted with a tuned 1998cc six-cylinder engine and the TX-SS was fitted with a fuel-injected 2-litre unit. Later cars were fitted with 2.5 PI power and some with 1300 or 1500 engines. The engines were mounted in the front with power being sent to the rear wheels, like any classic British sports car.

The TX-S which was fitted with a 2.0L engine had a top speed of 115 mph. The peak power output of 112 hp was achieved at 5,300rpm. The cars weighed 1735 lbs with their wheelbase being 83.1 inches, total length being 146.9 inches and their width being 60.2 inches.

Only about half of the TX production had the cross-rod rear suspension, the rest sticking to Triumph's set-up.

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