The Falcon Competition was a development of the Falcon Mk II produced by Falcon Shells; as the name suggests they initially just provided the bodyshell for fitment onto a chassis of the customer's choice. The shell was made from fibreglass with the choice of two gelcoat finishes, either falcon red or leaf green.

In 1960 the name of the Falcon Mk II changed to the Falcon Competition,  which was the Mk II bodyshell with twin head fairings as an option. it sold as a complete kit from £560. Included were the GRP shell, Ford 109 engine and a spaceframe chassis fitted with fabricated front wishbones, rack and pinion steering, coil springs all round and perspex racing screen.

It was also still available as a bare shellbody shell cost at £105. Power could come from various sources and was pretty much left to the individual builder. Morris, MGA, Ford and Coventry Climax engines were popular choices.