The MG KN Magnette was produced by the MG Car company between 1933 and 1934 and was designed to use up surplus bodies made for the MG K-type saloons that were not sold. These bodies were fitted to the K1 chassis but had the more powerful MG N-type 1271 cc engine.

The body had no pillar between the front and rear doors. The front doors were hinged at the windscreen end and closed against the rear doors. To give the impression of being a two-door coupé the rear doors had no external handles. The absence of the central pillar affected the structure of the body and often caused problems. A sunshine roof was fitted.

The 56 bhp engine would take the car to 78 mph.

A variation was sold by University Motors, the London MG dealer using the four-seat K1 body and called the "University Motors Speed Model".

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